armystew show pony collection, 2020

armystew spellbound collection, 2020

armystew pronoun earring series, 2020

armystew holiday collection, 2020

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Kai Robinson is a New England based illustrator and designer. They have been honing their digital art skill and pursuing art as both a passion and career for over 14 years. They studied at Montserrat College of Art, where they received a BFA in Illustration in May 2020 as well as the 2020 Montserrat College of Art Illustration Award.Kai’s passion for all things fashion and design, early aughts nostalgia, & their love of flamboyance, kitsch, and color are some of many things that inspire & drive them to create. These passions have led them to delve into lots of different ventures, most recently having the opportunity to enter the world of kids' literature with their book illustration debut, a scholastic acorn series titled rainbow days, written by valerie bolling.In their free time, Kai can usually be found annoying their cats, window shopping online, and painting everything they own rainbow.

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